*Dynaflex PowerBall Ultimate Gyro Starter Ring*
Instant Activation of the Gyro!

Nitrill-Gripİ Ring Nitrill-Gripİ can be Innstalled into your PowerBall
Notice! The PowerBall is NOT Included!

DynaFlex PowerBall Starter Cord - Ws - BumbleBee-Ltd`s Hot New Invention
a must for all PowerBaller`s out there!

The Nitrill-Gripİ for DynaFlex PowerBall Gyro
It will knock your socks right off!!
Dynaflex Standard Starter Cord  -  Ws  -  BumbleBee-Ltd`s New Invention
Nitrill-Gripİ for GyroBall
Does Your Starter Cord Suck?        -------->     Here Is your final Solution!

Do You manage Activating your Gyro in seconds?
With out your Powerdock,guess not !
Introducing The Brand New Invention

The Nitrill-Grip for DynaFlex PowerBall Gyro*
No more Starting Temper & Excercise
trying to figure out how to get enough start rpm on the Gyro!
No Problemos Amigo!
Get in the Ring Today!
Here is how Nitrill-Gripİ works in 5 minutes Explained
1: Important! Watch Disassembling Video first!
Before Even Trying To Open The Ball!

2: Watch photo series 1-18 Disassembling Easy Explained
Please Notice! The PowerBall is NOT Included in the Kit!

1. Before Disassembling Powerball
Nitrill-Gripİ Installed

4.Open Ball

7.Lift of the plastic ring from the shaft on this side of the Ball (Notice the plastic washer at the end of the shaft)
Don`t lose washer!

10.Ready to Start Rolling on
With your Other hand.
hold both sides of the Ball with fingers.
Left Side in this picture(
Nitrill-Gripİ in to the groove,EASY!

13.Important! Align the plastic washer in to its position in plastic ring.

Nitrill-Gripİ Innstalled
Readty to Rock & Roll

Technical Data:

No Technical Skils Needed Disassembling the gyro.
Important! Watch Disassembling Video in this Listing!
Tools needed: One ScrewDriver.
Easy Install!
The Ring is Rounded Rubber Design for snug fit on the GyroBall Groove.
just roll the Ring on to The GyroBall Grove.
very strong rubber Made of Nitril Rubber.
Chemical Resistant Rubber
Rubber Heath range: -67F - 257F (-55C to +125C)
Nitrill-Gripİ tested
for six month`s under tough conditions.
Nitrill-Gripİ is wery strong rubber,anyway
Do not heat or cut!

2. Tool`s Needed:
One Screwdriver

5.Exploded part`s together

8.Slide in the Nitrill-Gripİ between the shaft & The
Plastic Ring.

11.Almost Done.Roll on Nitrill-Gripİ
Get in the Ring Dude!

14.Again! Important!
Align the plastic washer in to its posision!
IN the plastic ring
Nitrill-Gripİ Explained

17.Nitrill-Gripİ Ring ilustrated

This  is All about Getting in the Ring Today!
Nitrill-Gripİmake the Difference
Nitrill-GripİCange the way of activating the gyro
Nitrill-Gripİdoes the Trick
Nitrill-GripİVery Easy up spin on Gyro
Nitrill-GripİSaves your Day :-)
Nitrill-GripİSpesial made for snug fit on to GyroBall!
Nitrill-GripİSpeedMeter Compatible

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3.Unsrew (2 Screws) wery small Screws Dont lose those!

6.Lift of the plastic ring from the shaft on the Left side
in this picture(skip the magnetic side)
Nitrill-Gripİ Installed on this Ball.

9.Start rolling on The  Nitrill-Gripİ In position!

12.Ready to lift back the plastic ring on the shaft!
Beware! Dont use strong FORCE HERE!
& the Ring might Breake

Nitrill-Gripİ Team

15.Done/Finish/All Set  Nitrill-Gripİ Innstalled
Readty to Rock & Roll Instant.

18. Qty of 1 Nitrill-Gripİ Ring in each kit
Dynaflex PowerBall Ultimate Kick Starter Kit

Mug Shot of the
Nitrill-Gripİ Team 2008
Adios Amigos See Ya-Keep on Spinning using
Nitrill-Gripİ Raw Rubber Soul Power

1:Qty Package $9.95  Orginal Nitrill-Gripİ $1 Shipping

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:Where do we Ship
A: WorldWide
Q: Can i still use the speed meter when
Nitrill-Gripİ is Installed on Gyro!
A: Yes

Q: Can i still use my Docking Station when
Nitrill-Gripİ is Installed on Gyro!
A: Yes
Q: How do you activate the gyro after installing the
A: As Usual,use your ordenary start technik.
you just got a better Gyro grip when Nitrill-Gripİ is installed

Exsample: Start the gyro on any plain surface,your lap does the trick,or maybe you got a monkey back,
You pick your favorite Gyro activation Location`s.Nitrill-Gripİ will keep you on the Right track any way!

will knock your socks right off!

Beware of hairy & Dusty Location`s & dont let the monkey steal your PowerBall!

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Nitrill-Gripİ Dealer All Rights Reserved.